Introducing the PanStand

The PanStand is the only universal safety pan for 24-inch laundry that also raises the washer 5 inches to make loading and unloading laundry easier.

Our exclusive air-flotation makes installing a washer or stacked washer and dryer easier by eliminating heaving lifting.

Our 24-inch laundry PanStand works with all 24-inch brands.


What Makes PanStand Different?

Exclusive Air-flotation, Appliance Sits Above Reservoir And Not In A Pan, No Tools Required For Installation, 6 Us Gallon Reservoir, Texturized Finish Stays New Looking, Space Saving Design, 5 Inch Height Makes Loading And Unloading More Ergonomic.

Dress Up The Laundry & Make It A Comfortable Work Space

PanStand can recapture 2 - 5 square feet of floor space by eliminating wasted space used solely for access. Even greater savings possible with ductless condensing dryers and combo units.

  • Space above washers now usable for shelves/cabinets.
  • Allows installation of folding table over top of front-loading sets.
  • Enables custom designed laundry rooms, like closet organizers.
  • Dirt does not collect under pan, or machines.
  • Clean finished appearance makes open installations feasible.
  • Works with all 24" front loading laundry Vented or Ventless

Panstand Benefits For Service And Maintenence

Washers have to set in safety pans by code. The challenge is moving the machines out of the pan to make repairs without breaking the pan, or injuring the worker. If the washer is on a pedestal, then it must set in the pan and the problem is doubled. The basic issue is maintenance cost. However, solving the service problem also solves a host of other problems.

By eliminating the need to take the washer out of the pan, or off the pedestal, PanStand turns a two-person job into a one-person job.

  • Simplifies access to rear of washer.
  • Reduces space needed to service.
  • Eliminates crawling over top of machines.
  • Reduces worker injuries. Reduces service time.

Technical Info

Works with all models of front loading 24” laundry

ASKO, Ariston, Blomberg, Bosch, Beko, EdgeStar, Electrolux, Equator, Fagor, GE, Haier, LG, Maytag, Miele, Samsung, Summit, Whirlpool

Transforming your regular laundry regime for good

Developed and manufactured in the USA by Engineered Laundry Products LLC, PanStand is a skillfully engineered, one-of-a-kind laundry accessory tailor-made for 24” laundry machines. Constituting a 5-inch tall pedestal, a 6-gallon water leak containment system and an air cushion transport feature, , PanStand eases laundry loading and unloading, provides the peace of mind that washer leaks will not cause potentially catastrophic damage to your residence, and provides effortless movement of the equipment for installation, cleaning, and maintenance.

PanStand – Features

Innovative Design Engineering

PanStand’s innovative, ergonomic design allows you to make the best use of even the most congested and smallest space. Considering the dimensions of your laundry can be installed side by side or stacked on PanStand, all without adding any appreciable increase to the natural footprint of the washer and dryer.

Easy installation (See Video)

PanStand is the perfect tool for professional installers, repairmen and plumbers, offering maximum efficiency with smooth and hassle-free installation. It does not require any additional tools or prior preparation for installation.

General Consumers

PanStand, an engineered combination of pedestal and pan is an immensely useful laundry accessory that prevents leaks, saves space and reduces your plumbing costs. It is also eco-friendly and helps cut down on your carbon footprint. Moreover, it makes laundry loading and unloading tasks more convenient that now can be easily done at home.