Service Benefits

Panstand Benefits For Service And Maintenence

Washers have to set in safety pans by code. The challenge is moving the machines out of the pan to make repairs without breaking the pan, or injuring the worker. If the washer is on a pedestal, then it must set in the pan and the problem is doubled. However, solving the service problem also solves a host of other problems.

By eliminating the need to take the washer out of the pan, or off the pedestal, PanStand turns a two-person job into a one-person job.

  • Simplifies access to rear of washer.
  • Reduces space needed to service.
  • Eliminates crawling over top of machines.
  • Reduces worker injuries. Reduces service time.

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Benefits Of Using Panstand In Laundry Closet Installations

Simple access to the door of the trap and drainage pump requires the washer to be moved.

Some benefits of using PanStand and optional sensor activated pump kit in this installation would have been

  • Less space required
  • No added plumbing needed
  • Area is easier to keep clean
  • Easy access to open the pump and drainage door
  • 1 person can move the laundry in and out for routine service and or maintenance.
  • No heavy lifting.

Access to the trap and drainage pump is easy with PanStand. 

Exclusive air-flotation feature allows easy movement when necessary for service or cleaning.The images below shows what a stacked washer and dryer looks like in a regular pan and on a PanStand.     

without pan stand
Regular Pan
with pan stand
With PanStand