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Engineered Laundry Products – About PanStand

Developed and manufactured in the USA by Engineered Laundry Products LLC, PanStand is a skillfully engineered, one-of-a-kind laundry accessory tailor-made for 24” laundry machines. Constituting a 5-inch tall pedestal, a 6-gallon water leak containment system and an air cushion transport feature, , PanStand eases laundry loading and unloading, provides the peace of mind that washer leaks will not cause potentially catastrophic damage to your residence, and provides effortless movement of the equipment for installation, cleaning, and maintenance.

What Makes PanStand Different

The universal design of PanStand is compatible with the majority of 24” washers and dryers. The equipment can either be stacked placed closely side by its side. This versatile design allows you to save space and install it in small and congested spaces.

The PanStand locates the washer and dryer above the water reservoir and not in the reservoir as with conventional pans. This provides five distinct advantages.

  1. Installing and maintaining washers and dryers does not require lifting the equipment in and out of the pan thereby reducing the number of people required to accomplish such and the chances of injury.
  2. The majority of 24-inch front loading washers have their electric circuitry lying at the bottom of the cabinet. With the equipment above the reservoir, the risks of an electric shock, short circuit or water damage due to emersion are eliminated.
  3. Raising the equipment provides an ergonomic advantage reducing strain and possible injury during the loading and unloading of laundry.
  4. It makes 24-inch front-load laundry washers compliant with the height requirement set by the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act.) reg. 611.4
  5. Water collection is accomplished without the pan extending outside the footprint of the equipment eliminating trip hazards and dirt/dust accumulation in the laundry while providing a clean visual appearance.

PanStand has an integrated, industry exclusive air cushion transport system that allow effortless movement of both single unit and stacked unit laundry. By utilizing a home or shop vacuum set to blow, the equipment can be floated in or out of the laundry space providing three unique advantages.

  1. Anytime access is needed for cleaning or maintenance, the equipment can be move easily by a single individual without strain or potential damage to a conventional pan or surrounding walls.
  2. Access to hookups can be accomplished by installing hose and electrical connections while the equipment is out of location and then floated into place.
  3. Laundry spaces can be created in extremely tight locations.

When combined with its accessory automatic pump, PanStand provides 24/7 flood protection from undiscovered continuous machine leaks by utilizing the existing standpipe drain eliminating any additional plumbing and its associated time and high cost. One can easily justify the purchase on this savings alone.

The PanStand and its optional Automatic Discharge Pump require no tools for installation or utilization.

PanStand is designed to be molded from 100% recycled resins in a low energy process and is completely recyclable at end of life.

PanStand provide and visually clean, durable, ergonomic, rust free, vibration free, one piece, recyclable single solution to many issues present within residential laundry.

About The Company

Engineered Laundry Products is a registered laundry equipment manufacturer and distributor in the USA. The company and has earned its reputation for innovative, high-quality, state-of-the-art laundry accessories. The team of skilled professionals is always on a lookout for innovativeways to revolutionize the laundry process by reducing costs and the risk of hazards while maximizing efficiency.

With the patented PanStand and the innovative Automatic Pump in its portfolio, the company excels in pursuit of its vision to streamline the arduous laundry process and make it more convenient, efficient, and risk free.